Conor – Designing Global Winners



We love our portfolio companies: They flourish, we flourish.

At Conor, investment decisions are not short term affairs but long term commitments. We invest in high-ambition ventures, help design the most suitable business model, push and support speedy growth, and actively seek opportunities for additional financing rounds, often syndicated with leading international VCs. No boot-strapping, no drip-feeding when weโ€™re on board. When we’re in, we’re in.

Many of our investments are initially hard to categorize. In fact, in many cases, the categories are yet to emerge. Our investments typically fall within four sectors, and we are especially interested in innovations and solutions in the following areas:

– ICT: information security, network architecture, enterprise software, wireless software, media convergence.
– Electronics: silicon replacement, packaging technologies, microsystems integration, fabless chip design.
– Embedded Systems: next generation wireless systems, remote monitoring and management solutions, industrial systems.
– Materials & Optics: measurement devices, optical components, emerging materials, optical performance enhancements.

Our current portfolio includes the following companies: