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Conor Venture Partners Invests 1 Million Euros into Omegawave Oy

Omegawave is gearing up for a global roll-out

Espoo, Finland, June 11, 2012 – Omegawave, the world’s leading training solution provider, announced today that it has secured a 1 million euro equity funding from Conor Venture Partners.

With financial backing from Conor Venture Partners, Omegawave is set to aggressively expand its operations and strengthen its management team. Omegawave’s new CEO Juha Pinomaa has served as President of Suunto and held a number of executive positions at Nokia. Anssi Vanjoki, Chairman of Amer Sports and former vice CEO of Nokia, will serve as Chairman of the Board.

The Omegawave solution is a non-invasive training technology that measures the functional state of an athlete’s cardiac, metabolic and central nervous systems in just two minutes while the athlete is at rest. It then delivers crucial instant feedback on appropriate training loads and intensity based on that day’s physiological assessment.

“We believe Omegawave has significant growth potential. The company has come up with a unique solution that will serve a large untapped market and is backed up by a strong management team,” says Manu Mäkelä, Founding Partner, Conor

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Venture Partners.

Omegawave’s new wireless solution offers a faster and more affordable way for coaches and athletes to monitor and improve sports performance.

“Our new wireless application allows a full sports team to be assessed in less than an hour, compared to the days in labs it took with conventional methods. This is the next level of sports performance monitoring and readiness measurement for people who take sports seriously,” says Juha Pinomaa, CEO of Omegawave.

For more information:

Juha Pinomaa, CEO, Omegawave Oy
Tel + 358 40 500 0281

Manu Mäkelä, Partner, Conor Venture Partners Oy
Tel + 358 400 442 873

About Omegawave

Rooted in Russian sports science and space medicine, Omegawave has developed a global reputation among organizations focused on human performance. Its patented technology was originally based on physiological data from 10,000 high-performing athletes and its database has continued to expand since then. The success and performance of the company’s technology has been proven in countless studies conducted by sports and research institutes worldwide.

Omegawave is a trusted supplier to the U.S. Track & Field Olympic Committee, Olympic federations worldwide, the Chinese Institute of Sports Sciences, premier soccer teams such as Manchester United AND FC Barcelona, various American NFL, MLB, MLS and NHL teams, and numerous other leading sports institutes. For more information, please visit:

About Conor Venture Partners Oy

Conor Venture Partners is a leading early-stage technology VC investing in Finland, Sweden and the Baltic countries. With 70 million euros under management Conor invests in disruptive technologies in ICT, embedded systems, electronics, new materials and optics. The Conor portfolio includes companies in Nordics and Baltics such as Aito Technologies, AnaCatum Design, BehavioSec, Crystalsol, Eniram, Imbera Electronics, Neo Technology, Plexpress, Scint-X, Sensinode, Supponor Systems and TactoTek. For more information, please visit